Trauma Informed Training

There is a pressing need to equip youth-serving community organizations to respond to the unique needs of trauma-exposed children. Early prevention measures can be an effective means of redirecting children to self-regulatory healing, while facilitating their transition toward strength-based thriving.

Sport can offer a powerful opportunity to reach these children, given the popular, enjoyable, and motivating nature of these environments, and the potential to reach many unscreened trauma-exposed children.

We are inviting the sports and recreation community to attend our three trauma informed training sessions for those working with children and youth in sport. Each session will focus on two modules of learning developed by BGC Canada and Edge Work Consulting.

These sessions will be held on;

October 25th 2023 – Understanding Trauma and How Trauma Shapes Behaviours

November 1st 2023, – How Trauma Shapes Behaviour and How Healing Happens

November 8th 2023 – Stepping in During Times of DysRegulation- Part 1, Stepping in During Times of DysRegulation- Part 2

Each session is from 7 pm – 9 pm at BGC Kawarthas – 107 Lindsay St. S. in Lindsay

Cost – $10 per session

Registration – Activity search | BGC Kawarthas – Online Registration (