Increasing Accessibility & Inclusion Through Policy

Understanding Your Resources – Financially

Some questions to consider:

      1. Have you or your organization established a budget?
      2. Have you or your organization contemplated a budget that accurately reflects costs in a straightforward manner?
      3. How will you or your organization manage expenses such as equipment, membership fees, and travel costs?
      4. Have you or your organization ever considered alternative funding sources, such as sponsorships or grants, to support your involvement in sports and recreation?
      5. Do you or your organization understand the true cost-per-participant?

Things for organizations to consider while developing costs:

      1. Staffing
      2. Instructors
      3. Coaches
      4. Trainers
      5. Referees
      6. Equipment/supplies
      7. Marketing/promoting/advertising
      8. Facility rentals
      9. Utilities/phone/internet
      10. Information technology/computer costs
      11. Affiliation costs
      12. Insurance
      13. Membership fees
      14. Any other miscellaneous things


Access-Friendly Tool Kit – The Kawartha Lakes Sport & Recreation Council (

Things to Consider While Creating an Access-Policy

General Considerations

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Our Bylaws and Policies – Sport Ottawa


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