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Full Circle Healing

Alyssa Huntley

11:11 Full Circle Healing Unit 1111 (top floor)
15 William Street North
Lindsay, ON K9V 3Z8

11:11 Full Circle Healing

Yoga in Lindsay.

Aerial yoga adds an element of fun, play and excitement to the benefits of your regular yoga practice, by taking your postures to new heights and abilities, by using the support and give of a suspended “silk: or “yoga hammock.”

Gentle Hatha Yoga sessions are gentle and slow in nature, focusing on creating a soft relationship with your body through breathing and bringing back the joy of stillness, balance and peace.  Sessions are floor based and grounding, with postures that are held for longer durations of time, while listening to your own body.”

Adaptive Recreation Options

Yes, we offer an adapted version of our activity. When requested, we can make modifications to our activity to ensure anyone can participate.


All sessions are adaptable to all abilities.

We offer 1:1 and small training private groups for those interested and have a multitude of adaptations and modifications so all can enjoy.

Children are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult, we do ask they book a private session or talk with trainers in advance.

We at 11:11 are delighted to serve those who are looking to de-stress, relax, rejuvenate their bodies and re-connect to their our well-being and wellness.
It is our honour to offer a fun, exciting and fresh new spin on traditional yoga – aerial yoga is adaptable to all body types, ages and abilities.

We welcome those who are long term yogis, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes,
as well as those who are new to yoga or activity and looking for a new way to get active and find joy in their bodies and lives.

Our doors and hearts are open to all those looking to expand their wellness.
Please join us.


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