2016 Volunteer Recognition Dinner

Lisa Kaldeway Lori Nomination Lori award Rob Cyr Bernie and Kelly Rob and Bernie Paul Steffler Trevor Tompkins Wildcats presentation Matthew Pearson People talking Rob and Paul David and Gary Ryan Matt and Gary Draw prizes Annoucing draw prizes Sandy Creighton Doreen Boville Merla McGill Rolf and Diane Ryan Alexander Gary Pearson Event shot 3

Kevin Tysiak, Lori Grills, and Bernice Mitchell were presented with Volunteer of the Year awards at the 2nd Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner hosted by the Kawartha Lakes Sport and Recreation Council. Lindsay Wildcats Basketball was also recognized as Volunteer Association of the Year for their work over the past 20 years to ensure opportunities for any child to play with their “no child turned away” policy.

The event was held Wednesday, Oct. 26 at the Lindsay Golf and Country Club.

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